SmartRest Shop Spotlight Bracket

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Product Description

The Spotlight Mount Bracket is an adapter designed to connect a hand controlled window mounted spotlight to the Racken Rest. The bracket comes with multiple drilled holes for various fittings and all fasteners are included. The bracket is a simple set up which is ambidextrous, and mounts well with PowaBeam's remote light and spot light. Once mounted it will allow a shooter to control a light, drive and shoot on his/her own. This combo of Racken Rest and light mount is the perfect set up for lone shooters, it has been tried and tested, and works a treat. 

A handy feature is the lead of the spotlight tucks in nicely under the Racken Rest base, and runs across the door sill tucked away and therefore in no danger of getting snagged on shrub. 

Note: The light and Racken combo is not ideal for Land Cruiser or small window frame vehicles, due to lack of space in the door area.