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Quad Rest For the UTV / Side x Side or utility vehicles. There are three main ways to mount the Quad Rest to a UTV vehicle. 

1. Front Mount: Note: This requires the customer to mount their own cross bar across the front of the vehicle. The Front mount option utilizes the top part of the Quad Rest and its swivel arm. The parts needed to successfully mount the parts to the bar are known as the Cross Bar Bolt Kit. Available from Eagleye. Or click here to purchase now: Quad Rest + Cross Bar Bolt Kit

2. Top Mount: This is simply the Quad Rest mounted on the back of the vehicle. We advise users to reinforce any weak or flimsy structural bars on a standard vehicle if necessary. This method is great for better range, height clearance and better sight advantage. 

3. Side Mount: This option requires a UTV Side Mount Conversion Kit available from retailers or from here: Quad Rest + UTV Conversion KIT